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Cover for the Water Works Industry

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Cover for the Water Works Industry
Cover for the Water Works Industry

At Metro Custom Plastics, our 40+ years of injection molding expertise won us the contract for producing the meter housing highlighted here for a municipal water district. We managed this project from conception to completion. The talents of our industrial designers combined with our disciplined approach to product engineering allowed us to create the customer required design. The new design was flexible enough to mount wireless emitters of various shapes and sizes while having a cosmetically appealing appearance. Raw materials consisted of the customer's old, damaged plastic components that we recycled and molded back into the new meter cover.

After evaluating various prototypes, a final design was selected. This design incorporated a special nameplate insert that allowed the cover to show the required municipality information and logos. Before the molds were built, finite element analysis was used to simulate the molding process. In addition to optimizing mold geometry, we were able to validate production parameters such as clamping forces, heating, and cooling times. This up-front engineering was a critical factor for keeping both tooling and production costs to a minimum.

When completed, the enclosure featured dimensions of 12.5" O.D x 3.0" in depth and a high gloss finish. Third-party certification testing confirmed product integrity. After receiving the completed products, the municipality expressed their total satisfaction with this project by awarding us a second project for a larger enclosure, which we completed with the same elevated level quality while keeping costs very reasonable.

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Mold/Meter Cover Specifications

Project Name & Description
Plastic Meter cover for mounting points for wireless emitters of different shapes
Interchangeable nameplates
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Van Dorn Injection Molding Machines
Overall Part Dimensions
12 ½" OD x 3" Deep
Material Used
Reprocessed Plastic
Material Finish
High Gloss
Additional Facts
  • Incorporated Name plate inserts in the molds for information and logos
  • Recycled customer’s old or damaged plastic components
Industry for Use
Water Municipalities
In Process Testing/ Inspection Performed
3rd party Certification Testing
Delivery Location
United States
Standards Met
Customer Specification

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